It just works.

Today I loaded up some old video games (Battle Zone 2 and Half Life) on my new Lappy (running Vista). It has shared video memory on a fairly low end 17" home laptop so I wasn't expecting much. I thought that they would run like crap if they even ran at all. I used to game a lot so I know that it used to take a bit of messaging/patching/finagling to get some games to work. I have not played a video game in at least 3 years so I did not know what to expect.

Much to my surprise they worked.... In fact they worked GREAT.

Gordon Freeman... long time no see!!

Yesterday was another story.

I was trying to set up a *nix based Jboss/Java Dev Environment using a VM.

First RedHat.

I am a RedHat guy from WAY back... So I saw that they had an evaluation version of their JBoss Server stack for VMware and I thought: Sweet!!!

So I signed up for an evaluation of the RedHat Enterprise server w/the JBoss AS via the Vmware site. I download everything and get the VM set up, and I have to run through a hoop after hoop trying to figure out how to get entitled so I can patch the RedHat VM.

After an hour I just give up.

I go to the VMware site again so I can get a Linux based VM to run Jboss and I D/L this one.

I try to unzip it and I get the "Unexpected end of Archive" error. So I think... OK it got corrupt. It happens.

So I try again......and......FAIL!!!

Then DL the both of the OpenSolaris VMs from the VMware site.

I can't get either of those to work.


Then I go to SUN so I can get a Solaris VM right from the source. 5 minutes verifying my account and getting user/pass. Now I have to wait until it downloads... approx 3 hours from now (it is now 10 pm).

I have a 6 meg connection and SUN's download manager only DL's one file at a time.

Then I find out I cannot run the Solaris VM on VMware player on a 64 bit system... Another 20-30 min to DL and uninstall VMware player then install VMware server.

THEN the VMware tools install hangs.

Fark it. I give up.

12 hours later.. No Linux. No Solaris. No Jboss.

I D/L Jboss for Windows. It works the first time.

How is it I can get a ten year old Video Game to work but not the latest "Enterprise grade" Software?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Bash MS all you want but most of the time it Just Works.

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That's right bitches!! A Free, KICK ASS, Open Source CFML Engine!!

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