I am almost there

I have been working on yet another code generator for ColdFusion for the last six months. I have learned a lot. When I am done.... it will read a databse and using the metadata and it will create a working app using the ENTIRE database. It is like a mini Ruby on Rails.

You point it to the data source and a destination dir, press enter, and you have a working app. You can go from zero to working admin for a 20 table database in about a minute.

It also:

  • Generates client side validation based on the data type (string, numeric, float, date, etc.).
  • Generates time and date pickers for date/time fields.
  • Generates inline wussywig text editors for Text fields
  • Automatically generates and populates drop down boxes using foreign keys .
  • Has optional secondary validation using key words in the column name (like email, phone, fax, zip, etc.).
  • It is almost entirely Object Oriented and uses a very simple MVC methodology.

I am pretty pumped and have been working on this every chance I get. When I get it done, (It really snow balled from what seemed to be a very simple idea), I will be able to crank out a working app, with a couple of clicks, in a matter of minutes.

And yes, I will be releasing it open source.

David McGuigan's Gravatar I'd like to check this out too, unless you've abandoned it for the other tool. What's the status?

Loving the language on your blog btw, I laughed pretty hard at "That's right, free ColdFusion bitches!"
# Posted By David McGuigan | 3/5/09 11:36 PM
That's right bitches!! A Free, KICK ASS, Open Source CFML Engine!!

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