FireFox - Just like a disfunctional relationship

I loved firefox at one time. She had everything I wanted and needed, and more, from a browser. She was fast, nimble, extensible, she had and did everything I needed. And I do mean EVERYTHING. She was HOT!!

Then we got married. She put on a lot of weight, she became very sluggish and started to really slow me down. She uses all of my resources and will sit there and do nothing for long periods of time so I cannot do anything else but wait for her.

It is over baby. You are a fat, sluggish, resource hogging glutton that is taking more than you give.

I still love you, but I have to move on. And even though I will be dating your red headed step sister I will still want to see you from time to time so I can use firebug.

Open Source used to be so sexy. What happened to you? Are you becoming like Britteny Spears?

That's right bitches!! A Free, KICK ASS, Open Source CFML Engine!!

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