I don't know shit....

If you are a CF developer (or web developer) and you are still using DreamWeaver or Homesite or CF studio and not using Eclipse or any other of the advanced IDE's like Komodo, Visual Studio, Aptana, NetBeans etc, *you literally have no idea what you are missing out on*.

If you use F1 on DreamWeaver, Homesite or CF studio as a primary source of information about programming, CSS, HTML and your available options you are also missing a HUGE piece of information .

I have been using Eclipse for about 9 months now and the one thing it has taught me is how little I know. When I first fired up CF studio some 10 odd years ago I looked at all the CF related buttons and the options and felt clueless.

By using various Eclipse distros like the one provided by Pulse I feel even more clueless than I did 10 years ago. AND I have a working knowledge of web development and client and server side languages like JS, SQL, XML, XSL, HTML, XHTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, RegEx, CFML etc under my belt. As well as being exposed good doses of VB, ASP.NET, C#, ROR, Java, PERL, Python etc over the years.

The one thing I am finding out that I don't know shit.

At FSU the is an engraving on Dodd Hall that reads "The half of knowledge is to know where to find knowledge"

Now I know the other half of knowledge is making sure that you are being exposed to *new* knowledge on a regular basis.

If you explore Eclipse it will end up teaching you more than you can possibly imagine.


That's right bitches!! A Free, KICK ASS, Open Source CFML Engine!!

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